Friday, August 1, 2008

Penang Chinese Restaurant : Foong Wei Heong

The famous Chinese Restaurant in Penang, Malaysia, Restoran Foong Wei Heong is located at 23 & 25, Jalan Sri Bahari 10500 Penang.

The restaurant is always crowded during lunch and dinner. It is advisable to book your table before you go to the restaurant. The telephone number is 604-2611918

Shark-fin soup - very good with lots of crab-meat

Steamed cod fish - very good and the fish meat is sweet

Four-kind of vegetable - well cooked and very good

Char Hor Fun - very good with wok-smell taste

Had dinner in the restaurant and came out satisfied. No wonder it is so famous in Penang that everybody knows and talks about. Overall, the food is very good.

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