Sunday, August 17, 2008

Penang Hawker Food : Cuttlefish KangKong (Sotong KangKung)

Look for this landmark : Gurney Drive in Penang

There are many good Penang hawker food in this coffee shop called "Song River" along Gurney Drive. This coffee shop came to life in the evening, full of people enjoying themselves with the hawker food sold there.

The famous Sotong KangKung ( Cuttlefish KangKong) hawker stall in located in "Song River " Coffee Shop.

This is a piece of art. The young man created the decoration of this popular Penang hawker food called Sotong KangKung.

The Cuttlefish KangKong (Sotong KangKung)

We had supper in this coffee shop called " Song River" after a stroll along the famous Gurney Drive. The Cuttlefish KangKong dish is one of the best in town. We recommend you try this dish if you are in the Gurney Drive area in the evening.

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